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Fundamentals of Oral Communication (29-102): Focus topic

Brainstorming about the topic

When researching a controversial topic, it is easy to have too broad of a topic which can result in too much information to sift through before planning a speech. Without first thinking about what questions you would like to have answered and what you would like to learn during your research, you can easily spend a lot of time researching information that you won’t even use during your presentation because it doesn’t answer your questions.

To help focus your topic, create a concept map to brainstorm topic paths and ideas.

You’ve seen that global warming is debated a lot in the news lately:

Creating a concept map about global warming can help to focus the topic and help you to decide which pieces of this larger topic you want to research and which parts of this topic you still need to learn more about.

This is a VERY large topic and would make a long speech!


Concept map

Create a concept map for your topic and attach it to the worksheet.

How to use it? View the concept map tutorial

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