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American Congress (34-303): News

News About The American Congress

  • Political Science Databases
    A list of links to periodical and government document databases appropriate for research in most political science courses. Click ASK! to contact librarians for more research assistance.
  • Political Science Periodicals, recommended by department faculty and librarians. Links to online full text are provided in this list where possible:
    • Congressional Digest
      This periodical title is particularly useful for determining controversial aspects of federal bills and for researching pro/con aspects of legislative issues. 
    • Washington Post 
      The Washington Post is a leading daily U.S. newspaper. The A Section contains national political coverage, investigative reporting of the federal government, and in depth news and analysis of domestic and foreign policy.
    • Roll Call
      Roll Call is a semi-weekly newspaper that covers the United States Congress with a unique close-up perspective. It strives to provide the "best coverage of the people, politics, and process of Congress."
    • The Hill 
      The Hill is a weekly newspaper covering the actions of Congress and the influence of congressional leaders, the administration, and lobbyists. The Hill is delivered every Wednesday to each member of Congress and thousands of congressional aides.
    • National Journal
      Ulrich's Periodical Directory describes the National Journal as an "authoritative, nonpartisan coverage and analysis of key political and policy developments."
    • New York Times
      Ulrich's Periodical Directory touts the New York Times newspaper as "the single best newspaper in the United States for comprehensive daily coverage of national and international events."
    • Vital Speeches of the Day
      Ulrich's Periodical Directory describes Vital Speeches this way: "Vital Speeches prints the 'best thought of the best minds on current national questions' twice a month. Speeches are printed in full, and editorial policy is committed to covering both sides of public questions in the areas of politics, education, sociology, government, criminology, finance, business, taxation, health, law, labor, economics, etc. Important addresses from a wide variety of national leaders are published."
    • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
      The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents is published every Monday and is the official publication of presidential statements, messages, remarks, and other materials released by the White House Press Secretary. Search this publication with EBSChost databases here.

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