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Tracking a Bill: How a bill becomes a law

United States legislative research

The process of bill to law

Use the links below to find the process through which a bill must go to become law.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A guide sponsored by Project Vote Smart provides background information regarding the legal process of how a bill becomes a law. Elected officials are searchable by zip code or last name. It is then possible to locate the voting records of the elected officials in each state.

How Our Laws are Made

This page "[d]escribes the numerous steps of our Federal lawmaking process from the origin of an idea for a legislative proposal through its publication as a law." It has been revised and updated by John V. Sullivan, Parliamentarian, United States House of Representatives. 

Legal Process

"This page traces the process by which a bill becomes a law in the United States." It provides numerous links to information regarding the legal process in addition to the steps a bill must take to become law. the page also provides other useful links to legal research. This page was created at Lone Star College Library and is maintained by V. Rigby, Reference/Government Information Librarian.

All quoted material is from the respective source.

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