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Teaching Resources: Your librarian

Resource suggestion/request

Collection requests

School/Department Name (660.562.1629 )
Agricultural Sciences Hannah Christian
Business Brandy Brady
Communication & Mass Media Carolyn Johnson
Computer Science and Information Systems Lori Mardis
Education Lori Mardis
Fine & Performing Arts Frank Baudino
Health Science and Wellness Hannah Christian
Humanities and Social Sciences Frank Baudino
Language, Literature and Writing Natasha Young
Mathematics and Statistics Natasha Young
Natural Sciences Carolyn Johnson


[ Frank Baudino photo ]

Frank Baudino
OL Room 133

[ Brandy Brady photo ]

Brandy Brady
OL Room 132

[ Hannah Christian photo ]

Hannah Christian
OL Room 132

[ Carolyn Johnson photo ]

Carolyn Johnson
OL Room 133

Lori Mardis
OL Room 131

[ Natasha Young photo ]

Natasha Young
OL Room 131

Research appointments

Schedule an appointment with a librarian to:

  • Find sources for a review of literature, teaching method, lab technique, company or industry information, secondary and primary materials for a student assignment, etc.
  • Collaborate on an assignment or project
  • Locate places to publish or present

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