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Publishing Resources: Predatory Publishers

Predatory Publishers

In pursuing a publication, please be aware that predatory publishers do exist. The Think. Check. Submit. campaign aids researchers in evaluating the trustworthiness of journals by providing a checklist of factors to consider when selecting reputable publishers.

Characteristics that assist in identification of predatory publishers/journals:

  • Mass emailing -- addressed to dear sir or ma’am
  • Quick turnaround promises -- no time to properly review
  • Peer review process vague or absent
  • Extremely broad title -- e.g. International Journal of Current ResearchAcademic Exchange Quarterly
  • Resembles well-known publication -- visual/formatting mimicking
  • Contradictory location -- Journal of European Tea published in Empire Prairie, MO
  • Spelling errors and typos -- typos found in emails, on web, etc.
  • Dead links -- cannot get beyond main or second level pages
  • Publisher is editor -- indicative of lack of peer review
  • Popular email host -- Hotmail, Gmail, etc.
  • Provides too many options -- for example a new publisher has 75 titles
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