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Undergraduate Library Research Awards: Previous award winners

2017 award winners

NW Photo Services: 2017 Northwest awards &emdash; northwest awards spring2017 tw 00765

The first place winner of the Library Research Awards contest is Aaron Schmidt, for his “Nodaway County during the Civil War: A Graphical Examination” paper created for Dr. Elyssa Ford’s Local History Practicum course.

The purpose of Aaron’s paper was to organize selected facts and figures about Nodaway County during the Civil War and accompany them with original graphic references. The graphic references (charts and maps) facilitate understanding of the written material.

Congratulations, Aaron! 

NW Photo Services: 2017 Northwest awards &emdash; northwest awards spring2017 tw 00763

The 2nd place winner is Chloe Faris for her research paper, “The Castrato Phenomenon,” written for Dr. Rebecca Dunnell’s Music Literature: Baroque and Classical” course.

Chloe’s research paper examines the importance of the castrato voice during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries throughout Europe with a focus on Italy. Her paper explores the history of castrato singing, elaborating on castrato appearance and timbre, and why castrati took Europe by storm during this time.

Congratulations, Chloe! 

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The 3rd place winner is Haley Riffle, who did her student teaching in Finland. Her professor, Dr. Vicki Seeger, accepted the award for her.

Haley’s action research project was completed in Horace Mann Laboratory School Library to determine how teachers instruct their students to choose library books, how students K-6 grade select their library books, and what observations were noted when students selected their library books.

Congratulations, Haley!  

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