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Find an article, book,/eBook, video, citing example, or get research help from a librarian with an assignment.

All databases listed provide information about companies and industries with examples and video tutorials on how to complete a search.

The best bet database is Marketline. The information found in Marketline is up-to-date of when the company publishes reports, news, and more. All other databases contain similar information plus other business articles unrelated to companies. Marketline and Business Source Premier are best bets for topics related to company profiles, SWOT, leadership, organization, financial data, integrity, strategic issues, and opportunity/change.


Search and Browse

  1. Type keyword(s) in the search bar and click search
    • Another option is to search by sector, company, geography, and more
  2. Use filters to narrow results by keywords, sector, geography, content type and publication date
  3. Narrow by type by selecting View all Industry Profiles, View all Thematic Analysis, etc.
  4. View the report online or download as a PDF or Word document
  5. Video tutorial

Search for Companies

  1. Click on the Companies tab at the top of the screen
  2. Use filters to narrow results 
  3. Benchmark companies by adding a check mark by the company's information
  4. Click on a specific company to view an overview, profile, financials, news, and more
  5. View the company's information online or download as a PDF or Word document
  6. Video tutorial


Search for Industry

  1. Select Browse by Database
  2. [ Marketline industry research start ]


  3. Select Industry Data
    • Use the filters to narrow results
    • Download the full report as an Excel file
  4. [ Marketline download Industry Data report ]

  5. Select Industry Statistics
    • Choose the Values, Volumes, or Segmentation dashboard
    • Information from the Industry Data option is represented as visuals
    • Narrow by industry, region, or geography
    • Download the visuals as an image, PDF, or PowerPoint
  6. [ Marketline Values search and download ]

  7. Video tutorial

Browse lists for Company Profiles and Industry Reports. 

  1. Click Company Profiles
  2. Enter company name
  3. Click the MarketLine Report (pdf)

  1. Click Industry Profiles
  2. Limit to industry, country, region, publisher, or all profiles
  3. Enter industry name
  4. Click on the industry (be aware of publication dates)
  5. Click the link beside Full Text to access all available reports

[ BSP search ]

Suggested keyword searches


Keyword searches

Company Profile/SWOT
  • [Company Name] and SWOT
  • [Company Name] and "company profile"
  • "chief executive officers" and [Company Name]
  • "corporate governance" and [Company Name]
  • "business ethics" and executives
  • corrupt* and [COMPANY NAME]
  • "social responsibility of business"  or "corporate social responsibility"
Strategic issues
  • "strategic planning"
  • "marketing strategy"
  • "business planning"
  • employees--attitudes
  • "organizational change"


Browse the Reports option for information on industries, consumers, and more.

  1. Hover over Reports and select one of the options
  2. Use a keyword search or use the filters option
  3. Find the report of choice and open the dossier as PDF or PowerPoint

[ Statista filters and download ]

Browse the Outlooks option for information on Consumer, Digital, and Mobility Markets, Industry Outlook, and more.

  1. Hover over Outlooks and select one of the options
  2. Choose one of the topics
  3. Scroll through the page to analyze the data or download the datasheet through Excel or as a PDF
  4. Tutorials: Consumer Market | Digital Market | Mobility Markets 

Browse the Tools option for information on Company Databases.

  1. Hover over Tools and select Company Databases
  2. Find the company by typing the company's name in the search box or use the filters
  3. Click the company to find important statistics and other company information

[ Statista company database ]

Browse for Company Information

  1. Click on Menu at the top of the screen and select Company Dossier
  2. By default, Find a Company is selected
  3. Type in the company's name and click search
  4. Find the correct company to view the company's dossier
  5. Click Generate Report on the right side of the screen and choose the sections to download as a report

[ Nexis Uni company dossier ]

Compare Companies (balance sheet, income statement, and ratio information)

  1. Click on Menu at the top of the screen and select Company Dossier
  2. Select Compare Companies on the left side
  3. Type in the company names
  4. Choose the appropriate name of each company
  5. View the comparison or download the report. Note: The download table is hard to find but is on the top right of the report. Zoom in on browser's screen to view the buttons. The Library is investigating the issue.

[ Nexis Uni compare companies ]

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