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Undergraduate Library Research Awards: 2018 award winners

2018 award winners

The 1st place winner of the Library Research Awards is a group submission by Krystal Brier, Cameron Morrison, Sylvia Brand, Royce Elder, and Derek Gallagher. They wrote their paper, “The Effects of Snake vs. Block on the Brain” for Dr. Bradlee Gamblin’s Experimental Psychology course.

Summary: The research purpose was to determine the effects of cell phone usage on memory and retention in the classroom. Participants watched a video clip and either played a game during the clip or did not, and then took a short test. The results showed that cell phone usage had negative impacts on memory and retention. Congratulations, all!

[ 1st place - group winner ]

The 2nd place winner is Marissa Mallon for her research paper, “Case Study: Samuel Roth v. United States,” written for Dr. Dan Smith’s Law & Politics course.

Summary: The essay explains the laws and historic events beginning in 1727 that led to the Supreme Court decision in Samuel Roth v. United States. The paper provides analysis of Roth’s subsequent implications on today’s sexual expression laws, obscenity laws, and Supreme Court decisions in the United States. Congratulations, Marissa!

[ 2nd place photo ]

The 3rd place winner is Astrid Reynoso Zaragoza, for her “Plant Breeding Techniques” research paper written for Dr. Alisha Campbell’s Techniques in Biotechnology course.

Summary: Farmers have taken advantage of new technologies for crop production to increase efficiency and have higher yields. Two of the most common Bio techniques are the particle bombardment method, and the plasmid technique, which are utilized to create insect and herbicide resistant crops. Congratulations, Astrid!

[ 3rd place winner photo ]

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