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Undergraduate Library Research Awards: 2019 award winners

2019 award winners

The 1st place winner of the Library Research Awards is Madeline Waskowiak for her paper “Rationing in World War One: How Food Won the War,” written for Dr. Devlin Scofield’s Fall 2018 course.

The research paper was written for Historian’s Craft over the importance of food in World War One. This paper specifically looks at Britain and Germany, along with the United States, paralleling their food campaigns and the effects on their citizens during wartime, showcasing how food won the war.

[ 1st place ]

The 2nd place winners of the Library Research Awards is a group submission by Marissa Hagen, Bridget Cunningham, Courtney Cumpton and Jamee Slagle (not pictured). They wrote their research study, “Effects of Voluntary and Involuntary Task-Switching on Academic Performance” for Dr. Bradlee Gamblin’s “Experimental Psychology course.

Summary: This paper examines the impact of multitasking using either voluntary or involuntary task switching affects performance. The authors hypothesized that participants in the voluntary task-switching condition will perform better on the tests. The results, however, found no differences between the two groups, despite hypothesizing in favor of the voluntary task-switching condition.

[ 2nd place winners ]

The 3rd place winner of the Library Research Awards is Halston Belcastro for her paper “Into the Wild: Jon Krakauer’s Avoidance of the Ugly,” written for Dr. Ashley Davis Black’s Senior Seminar course. Halston was unable to attend the ceremony because of student teaching in Omaha.

Summary: Christopher McCandless was twenty-four when he died in the Alaskan Wilderness after abandoning his affluent lifestyle to live deliberately in nature. John Karkauer, a journalist, published a novel called Into the Wild, depicting McCandless’s lifestyle. The purpose of the paper is to explore the romanticized version of nature presented and contrast it to the reality seen within Realism.

[ 3rd place ]

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