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Human Library

The purpose of the event is to build understanding of other people's lived experiences, and to encourage an inclusive, welcoming environment.

What is it?

Human Library® creates an opportunity for conversation between human "books" and their "readers". Readers can "check out" a human book to hear their personal story, engage in a dialog about their experience, and work toward breaking down barriers and encouraging understanding. B.D. Owens Library is partnering with the Human Library Organization in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the concept of a human library started.

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How does it work?

The Human Library promotes empathy and understanding between books and readers through small group (1-4 people) discussions at identified tables in the library. Each book/reader(s) have up to 30 minutes to have a conversation about the book's life experience.

Why host it?

B.D. Owens Library and Northwest MIssouri State University is committed to supporting an educational community that is inclusive and diverse. The values of diversity and inclusion are inextricably linked to the library’s resources and services critical to personal development, learning, and success.

Contact for more info

Questions? Contact:

Carolyn Johnson, Research and Outreach Librarian

Terra Feick, Assistant Library Director Access Services

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