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Theatre Appreciation

Essential resources

These textbooks have been placed on reserve by Theatre Appreciation faculty because they directly relate to various aspects of the group projects.



A Cultural History of Theatre

  • Acting, performance, stage design, theater design, and technical innovations
  • Theater and society
  • Influence on modern or contemporary theater
  • Representative plays and playwrights
  • Chapter 3 Rome
  • Social Ideas/Art Ideas (Theater and Society)
  • Roman Theatre – Occasion, Location, Performers, Audience, Imperial Theatre – c. 200 ce, Trip to the Roman Theatre (stage design and theater design), Standards of Judgement (Acting, performance, stage design, theater design and technical innovations, audience)
  • Dramatic Literature – Plautus, Terence, Seneca (Representative plays and playwrights)
  • Connections: (Influence on modern or contemporary theater)
  • Comic characters endure throughout western history to modern television
  • Television comedy – stock characters developed in the Roman era
  • Modern comic forms – based on comic devices from Plautus and Terence
  • Idea of theatre a secular diversion rather than religious spectacle
Use these volumes to begin research on the development of theatrical performance over time. The history of European theatre traditions is especially well covered. Use the sources in the Background Information section to find more information on the history of theatre traditions.


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