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Introduction to Web Publishing (20-303)

Group project

In a small team, you’ll analyze for content, traffic, and popularity factors. Then, your group will write an analysis of how the website design appeals to the target audience, as well as what are the advantages and disadvantages of its current utility. Concepts or terminology learned from the lecture and reading chapters are suggested to be applied.

There are three parts: business analysis, traffic analysis, and popularity analysis

For business analysis:

Industry Overview (About 1 page): Provide an explanation of the web-based guitar instruction industry and its recent history, explaining what you perceive to be the most important aspects. Explain the different types of web-based guitar lesson options.

Online Guitar Instruction Audience (About 1-2 pages): Explain who tends to use online guitar instructions and how much effort is involved. Use information and details from your sources here, not your own speculations.

Competing Site (About 1-2 pages)

Content Overview and Quantity (About 1-2 pages)

Quality and Value Content (About 1-2 page)

News Coverage (About 1-2 pages): Examine the extent to which relevant and trusted news sources have written about Lauren Bateman and Explain specific sources that mention your site and comment on the relevancy and authority of each source. Compare your findings with how many news references you’ve found for, naming several significant examples. Which site is gaining more trust and authority from news references, yours or the competing site?

Social Presence (About 1-2 page): Compare YouTube and Instagram metrics with and come to a conclusion as to which of the two sites has more social brand authority. Be sure to analyze more than just the top-level numbers, look for trends and signs of trust and authority.

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