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Teaching Resources: Schedule instruction

Who to contact

[ benefits of library instruction ]

"New ACRL Report Highlights Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success," 5/10/17 posting

Multi-section general education contacts:  

All other classes: Contact any of these librarians to: 

  • Schedule a librarian to come to your classroom and provide hands-on learning (students bring laptops)
  • Develop online instructional materials related to an assignment

Library research consultations are also available for students (individual or small group) needing in-depth assistance. 

Collaborate with a librarian

  • Have something that frustrates you about student research performance or that you want to "tweak" about a course? Collaborate with a librarian to develop ideas, activities, assignments.
  • Librarians can produce instructional pages within your Canvas course site, or create a library guide that addresses learner problems or revised course objectives.  

Student choices

Research services for projects and readings:

  • "A choice about the areas of focus in a paper or project. If the paper or project has multiple parts, students could choose to give one of those parts a more prominent role in the paper or project."
B.D. Owens Librarians can help your students identify starting resources and search strategies for the part the student chooses.


  • "A choice about what to read. Provided with a collection of readings on a topic, annotated with intriguing highlights, students select which one(s) they will read. Discussion then focuses on integration of the various readings and identification of major themes, issues, or ideas."
B.D. Owens Librarians Librarians can help you build links to a topical collection of readings.


Weimer, M. "Benefits of giving students choices") (2017, November 29). Retrieved from 

Classroom OR online

EXAMPLE: classroom presentation/learning activities using library's course guide

    [ history course example ]     

EXAMPLE: online/blended course guide, linked in Canvas. 

[ psychology example ]     

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