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Library DIY

This resource helps you to navigate B.D. Owens library's resources and enhance your research process. Contact a librarian for additional research and citing help.

I want to browse print books in the library on my topic

First, use the Quick Search on the library homepage. Select the Books & Media tab. Type in a few words you think will help you locate a book on the topic you are interested in. 

Book on Topic Browsing

Click Modify Search.

Modify SearchSelect Book/Journal and click Submit.

Select Book/Jounal

Find a book from your print book result list that is relevant to your topic. Then click on the call number of that book.

Find your book in the yellow box in the list of books by call number on the shelf. You can see the other books on the shelf by call number that are close to your book. 

Browse Books Online

If you physically want to go to the shelf to browse, click the location to open a map to the third floor. Go to the place close to the call number of your book to browse. Use the I don't know where to find a call number in the library page to assist with locating a call number on the shelf.
Floor Map Browsing

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