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General Biology Lab (04-103): Density

Properities of liquids

Need some general background on density? See the eBook:
General chemistry: principles, patterns, and applications. Word search: density.

In the Introduction section of your lab report, cite* your General Biology lecture textbook, plus one additional source from the library and address these questions:

  • Properties of liquids in general, and especially water.
  • Bonds between atoms, such as ionic, hydrogen, covalent (polar vs non-polar)
  • What does density measure?
  • How is density measured?

"You cannot use websites without prior instructor approval." (General Biology 04-103 Lab Report worksheet on density)

*see Chapter 2 of lecture textbook; pay special attention to pages 34-36

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for General Biology Lab 103

Look for the significant terms from your lab assignment in the index at the back of each book.

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