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High School Instruction Sessions

Find an article, book,/eBook, video, citing example, or get research help from a librarian with an assignment.

Spring 2024

  • The Great Gatsby - the American dream: "Great Gatsby" AND  "American Dream"
  • Of Mice and Men - is George a murderer:  "of Mice and Men" AND ethic* ("Of Mice and Men" OR Steinbeck) AND (death OR murder) AND (moral OR ethic*)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - racial injustice: ("to kill a mockingbird") AND (race OR raci* OR justice)
  • Animal Farm - ordinary individuals believing in a revolution: "Animal Farm" AND governance
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - attitude changes toward slavery & social morals : "Huckleberry Finn" AND (race OR racial) AND (attitude OR "social attitude")
  • Night - changing of Christian beliefs:  Christianity AND holocaust AND Wiesel
  • Dr. Seuss & controversial views & critiques of his social beliefs: "Dr. Seuss" AND antisemitism
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