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Guidelines: Creation triggers

Is new LibGuide needed?


Create a guide if one of these triggers occurs:

  • Requested by professor for assisting with specific course research assignment
  • Respond to instructor requests (refer instructor to existing subject guide when a new course guide isn't necessary)
    “…students will also use subject guides when their instructor specifically suggests that they do, as students are keenly aware that their instructors are the ones who determine the mark for their assignment.”

Ouellelte, D. (2011). Subject guides in academic libraries: A user-centred study of uses and perceptionsCanadian Journal of Information & Library Sciences, 35(4), 436-451.

  • Support consistently high research service questions, e.g., Theater Appreciation = BRING TO TEAM FOR DISCUSSION
    • ​difficulty of search
    • assignment will be reused in another semester (otherwise put it on google)
    • once team members notice multiple questions on the same topic/project
  • Guide library instruction session requested by professor (campus/online) - can include:
    • Flipped classroom situation (deliver material prior to class)
    • Reinforce learning (after class)


SUBJECT GUIDES (aka research guides)

  • Deliver efficient access to library resources by discipline



  • Offer information based on reference questions/answers, e.g., copyright, citing
  • Emphasize customized access to resources for specific user group need, e.g., faculty services, professional development, international students
  • marketing & publicity: e.g., library research contest, library book club, etc.
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