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  • Follow template designs for consistency 
    • put content (especially page tabs) in the same region for navigation consistency [usability feedback]
  • Guide types:
    • Subject Guides are overarching discipline/school guides.  
    • Course Guides:  page title: Class Name (department number-course number) EXAMPLE: Comp I: Academic Literacies (10-111) 
    • General Purpose Guides general content 
  • Include Subject and keyword tags for findability
  • Add description under page title to promote libguide for better findability.
  • Create friendly URL for each guide and page (aka tab) for shorter links
  • Left-side navigation
  • font size Arial 14
  • Best Bets in first box on Research guides
  • Capitalize first word and proper nouns in all page names, box names, tabbed boxes
  • One-two word page tabs: no library jargon, e.g., books vs. catalog
  • Short link names
  • Brief text/description/narrative (including annotations for resources)
  • Open links in new window; use https:// 
  • When needed, use tabbed content within boxes to keep box size usable 
  • All Images need to have an alt tag for ADA compliance: provide credit for image 
  • Use Librarian, Ask A profile on every guide unless session course librarian profile is used

Things to avoid

  • Avoid formating text (font style and size). The system does it automatically. Exceptions include size 10 text such as photo credit info or captions.
  • Avoid underlining text (only links are underlined, if needed for emphasis)
  • Avoid using heading fonts
  • Avoid using more than two columns whenever possible
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