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Improvement of Instruction Through Action Research (61-682/683)

What's in this guide?

Literature Review

  • Purpose of a review of literature
  • How to write a literature review
  • Identifying parts of a research article
  • Sample research articles by discipline


  • Recommended search engines for finding articles


  • Books and videos/CDs to check out at Northwest
  • Books to borrow from other libraries
  • Recommended books/ebooks


  • Examples of references and in text citations
  • Helpful books and Web sites for references and in text citations

Citing Practice

  • Citing in-class activity


  • Searching using search engine thesauri in-class activity

Ask a Librarian

  • Ask for research help at the Library Services Desk, using chat, email, phone
  • Email any one of the librarians for a research appointment tailored to your paper/project
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