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IT Hardware and Software (44-312)

Search engines

Search Engines to use:

Search engines will not find:

  • Content in sites requiring a login
    • Includes most periodical databases like EBSCOhost, ScienceDirect, ACM Digital Library
  • Information in commercial resources with domain limitations
  • Non-web resources (print)
    • Includes books, government documents, archives, and print/microform periodicals

Evaluating sources is as easy as A-B-C


Determine the author's education or professional experience.

  • Check the header and footer of a Web page for information or a link to information about the author or sponsor.
  • Scan the beginning and end of the source to find a description of the author's credentials.
  • Search catalog or a database to locate books or articles by the same author.


Check out the point of view and purpose.

  • Read the "About Us" or the "About this Site" in web sources. Does the website or page have a extremely slanted point of view?<
  • Look for footnotes or references that document the information in the source.
  • Skim the text of a source to decide if the author is attempting to sell a product or make a false claim.
  • Look for descriptions or reviews that acknowledge the pros and cons of a product, service, or opinion.


Evaluate the currency of the information.

  • When was the source written or updated? Is it still accurate or relevant?
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