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Evidence Based Nursing Practice (01-481)

Use this guide to locate a topic, identify journal article methodologies and parts, find scholarly articles, and view sample annotated bibliographies.

Methods of research

  • Numerical findings (often expressed in charts and graphs)
  • Surveys, questionnaires 


Klein, C. J., Dalstrom, M., Lizer, S., Cooling, M., Pierce, L., & Weinzimmer, L. G. (2020). Advanced practice provider perspectives on organizational strategies for work stress reductionWestern Journal of Nursing Research42(9), 708–717.



  • Descriptive findings
  • Interviews, focus groups


Roberts, S., Wallis, M., McInnes, E., Bucknall, T., Banks, M., Ball, L., & Chaboyer, W. (2017). Patients’ perceptions of a pressure ulcer prevention care bundle in hospital: A qualitative descriptive study to guide evidence-based practiceWorldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing14(5), 385–393.

[ focus group ]


  • Title & Author Information:  briefly summarizes the subject or purpose of the article & documents the author's credentials in the field of study
  • Abstract:  summarizes the research study and results of the study
  • Introduction:  states the hypothesis or purpose of the research
  • Review of literature:  summarizes previous research that relates significantly to the research study/hypothesis.
  • Methodology:  describes what kind(s) of research methods were used and how the study was constructed/implemented
  • Findings/Results:  collates and summarizes the data collected and calculates totals or trends, statistically significant findings, etc.
  • Conclusions/Discussion:  discusses applications or implications of the findings/results
  • Further Study:  suggests areas where more complete data or findings are needed and related areas for future research
  • References:  lists the sources cited by the author(s) of the article


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