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AMA Style Citation Examples

Find how to cite a journal (includes in-text notations example), book, eBook, magazine, newspaper, web pages, video, and DVD.

Video or Online Image

Films on Demand:


1. Films Media Group. Digestion and Nutrition.  Films on Demand; 2015. Accessed July 22, 2016.


YouTube Video:  For videos, provide the author only if you are sure that person created the video. Do not list the person posting the video online as the author. If you are unsure, treat the citation as having no author.


1. Takayma-Ogawa J, Willette J. What is Information Literacy? YouTube. March 14, 2007.  Accessed December 12, 2015 


2. The Positive Effects of Aging. YouTube.  April 9, 2015.  Accessed December 12, 2015  


Podcast: Author Surname Author InitialTitlePublication TitleYear Published. Accessed Month day, year. URL.


1. Tracey, E.  Sugar and Your Heart.  Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts2015.  Accessed December 12, 2015.

Movie: Begin with the author, director, or producer.  Next, the title of the work in italics, followed by the medium in brackets.  Provide the place of publication, the publisher (or distributor), and the date of publication.


1. Soderbergh S. Traffic. DVD. GramercyPictures; 2000.


If the image is found online, as part of a web page, treat it like a Web Object:

Author AA, Author BB. Title of page or object. Clarifying information if necessary. Title of web site. Published Month DD, YYYY or Updated Month DD, YYYY. Accessed Month, DD, YYYY. URL.

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Online Image File

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