Communication Law and Ethics (20-314): Cases

Paper #3 search terms

  • confidential sources
  • reporter's privilege
  • freedom of the press
  • criminal investigation
  • subpoena
  • contempt of court

Search Nexis Uni by citation, party name or topic

Enter case citation or party name: 

[ search by party name ]


Select cases and search by topic: (Current cases = 3 to 5 years)
[ search example limiting to cases, federal, online free speech cases, last 5 years ]

Enter the case name in Oyez

Google Scholar: case law

1. Enter significant keywords about your topic in Google Scholar.
‚Äč2. Record relevant case citations (e.g., 410 U.S. 113or party names (e.g., Roe v. Wade)
3. Find the case itself in Nexis Uni.
4. Locate a quick summary of the case in Oyez.

  [ select case law and type of court ]


Law reviews describe & link to precedent cases

[ limit to law reviews ]

If you still need more precedent cases: Look for "Most cited" cases

1) On the opening screen, enter a guided search
For example:
[ Nexis Uni guided search ]
2) On the left side of your search results in Nexis Uni, scroll way down and select "Most Cited".
    Cases cited the most are important and may indicate precedence.

[ check "Most Cited" in search results for case precedence ]

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