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Comp I: Acad Lit (10-111) (Discovery)


Search Google Basic to find keywords and ideas about your topic. If you do not have a topic yet you can use topic ideas taken from the X-Men Films book such as:
– Social issues reflected in the X-Men films
– Political subtexts found in the X-Men films
– Individual characters’ analysis (Wolverine, Prof X, Magneto, Mystique…)
– Representations of gender, race, class, age, and sexual orientation
– Issues of diversity, disability, inclusiveness, and marginalization
– Issues of otherness, identity, trauma, and belonging
– Portrayals of violence and war in the X-Men films
– Historical references (e.g. the Holocaust, the Vietnam War)
– Representations of power, politics, and the government
– Moral dilemmas, personal choices, and issues of social responsibility
– Portrayals of science, technology and change
– The X-Men’s transformation from comics to movies

Pay attention to cues which Google may give you about your topic words:

  • Auto-complete
  • People Also Ask
  • Top Stories

  • Related Searches


Use Sticky Notes to record your keywords and ideas about your topic. Click the start button on the lower left corner of your screen and enter sticky in the search form. Then click Sticky Notes. (5 min)

View the Boolean Operators video.

Post search based on the advice of the video (5 min.)

Search Examples

  • (male OR masculin*) AND ("sex roles" OR "gender roles")
  • ("male identity" OR "masculine identity" OR masculinity) AND (movie* OR film* OR cinema OR "motion pictures") 

Discuss search strategy, limiters, and keyword identification (5 min).

Find results using Academic Search Complete. Examine results. Adjust search as needed.  (25 min.)
EBSCOhost Detailed Record Example:
detailed EBSCOhost record

Practice using bibliography sample references to locate the full text of documents in a bibliography list. Use the default search on the Library Home Page to locate the full text of the sample references. (5 min)


Book Searching

Scholarly Article Searching

News Article Searching‚Äč

Media Searching

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