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Digital Literacy (62-130, 26-105)


Go to Google and search for information on your chosen current event topic

Return to top and click "B. Keyword generation" tab

  • Browse through the article titles, descriptions, "searches related to," "people also ask," and "top stories" sections
  • Make a list of keywords and synonyms relating to the topic
    • ‚ÄčTo record a list:
      • Click on the magnifying glass (bottom, left-hand of screen)
      • In search box, type sticky notes and select the app
      • Click + sign (top-left corner of note) to add a new note

Return to top and click "C. Advanced search" tab

  • Next, you're going to type some of your additionally located terms into Google's Advanced Search
    • Have you ever used Advanced Search? 
    • Where is this located?


  • Once a word is used, do not use it again in another box
  • If a phrase is not in the "this exact word or phrase" box, enclose in quotation marks - "first amendment"
  • Only place one phrase in "This exact word or phrase" box
  • Phrases shouldn't be more than 2-3 words

[ Google advanced search example ]

Searches can also be limited by language, domain (edu), where terms appear on page results, etc.

[ Narrowing Using Google Advanced ]

Return to top and click "D. Search" tab

Important Knowledge:  

  • No need to repeat any keywords or phrases in multiple boxes
  • Phrases are 2-3 words 
  • This exact word or phrase box is programmed to search one phrase only, in the order entered and side-by-side (no need for quotation marks around the phrase, like in other boxes)

Enter keywords from sticky notes in Google Advanced Search

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