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Evaluate Websites Using PART

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PART evaluation

As PART of the research process, evaluate the reliability and credibility of a source using four factors:
Purpose, Authority, Reliability, Timeliness.  Quality websites will get the most checkmarks.

Title of web page:  _______________________________________ URL: ________________________________________________


  Factor 1: Purpose

  The information at this site is relevant to the topic. 
  The author acknowledges the validity of multiple points of view regardless of his/her opinion. 
  The author does not attempt to sell a product/service OR clearly separates advertising from content.

  Factor 2: Authority

  The author(s) has an educational background or professional experience in the subject area OR the sponsoring organization clearly identifies itself and is run by qualified professionals in the subject area.
  Provides contact information such as mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address.

  Factor 3: Reliability

  The source provides adequate evidence of claims and contains a bibliography OR footnotes to support the authors' statements with research. 
  The information at this site is complete (no "under construction" graphics/messages). 
  There are few grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.

  Factor 4: Timeliness

  The site includes a current copyright/creation date OR a recent revision/review date.
  The information is sufficiently current for the topic being researched.

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