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Dietetics Interns

How to write a literature review (run time 3:05)

Evaluating the literature

What is the purpose of a literature review?


  1. Summarize
    • Who are the key contributors (how often are they cited) and what did they contribute to the body of knowledge on your topic? 
  2. Synthesize
    • Chronological model: show how one author's ideas/findings were enriched by the next author, before another author later extended it, etc. 
    • Thematic model: synthesize the sources by themes, questions, or problems you are exploring.
  3. Analyse
    • Critically evaluate your sources. Highlight contributions or flaws in the authors' position, methodology, or findings that influenced your research. 
  4. Authorize
    • In light of your own research, do you support or oppose the literature you have reviewed? How does your research contribute or connect to what has gone before?


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