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Principles of Biology Lab (04-107)

Scholarly articles

The Anatomy of a Scientific Article.

It is important to use scholarly articles for scientific research because they:

  • typically go through a peer review process before publication
  • are written by an expert for other experts to communicate new information
  • contain high quality content

Original research article contains:

summarizes the research study
establishes the context for the research, identifies the main research question and states a hypothesis
Materials & Methods:
describes the research procedure, including the types of controls used and what resources were used
reports the outcome of the research procedure. The figures (tables, graphs, etc.) contain the majority of the data/findings from the study
conclusions or interpretations about the results. May compare the findings with other research studies and/or identify areas for future exploration and research
lists the sources cited in the article

Limiting results

To limit to original scientific research articles, add these words in another search box:

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Other ways to limit results:

  • Date
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Thesaurus Terms

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