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APA Style Examples

Find how to cite a web page, journal, book, eBook, textbook, magazine, newspaper, video, DVD, TV show, Twitter, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, or blog post. Find how to format in-text/parenthetical citations, papers or title pages and cite when no author.


(For more examples, see p. 341-352 of the 7th edition)

The author of an audiovisual work is determined by media type:

Media type Include as the author
Film Director
TV series Executive producer(s)
Podcast Host or executive producer
Podcast episode Host of episode
Webinar Instructor
Classical music album or song Composer
Modern music album or song Recording artist
Artwork Artist
Online streaming video Person or group who uploaded the video
Photograph Photographer


Social media

How to cite Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and TikTok (see page 348-350 for additional examples)


Films on Demand


(For more examples, see pp. 343-344 of the 7th edition)

[ APA online video ]

Peters, W. (Director). (1985). A class divided [Video]. Films on Demand.



(Peters, 1985).



Troy, J. (2015, April 7). Miscue analysis read aloud [Video]. YouTube.



(Troy, 2015).


(For more examples, begin on page 341 in the 7th edition)

[ Example ]

D'Arcangelo, M. (Producer). (2007). A visit to a school moving toward differentiation [DVD]. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. 



(D'Arcangelo, 2007).


Consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed. for more examples of audiovisual media (beginning on page 342, sections 10.12-10.14) and social media (beginning page 348, section 10.15) reference citations or figures (pages 225-250, sections 7.22-7.36)

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