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GIScience Research Seminar (32-680)

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GIScience journals

International Journal of Geographical Information Science

  • Articles cover applications of GIS in natural resources, social, systems, and the built environment, and developments in computer science, cartography, surveying, geography and engineering in both developed and developing countries.

Transactions in GIS

  • Focused on: (1) practical and theoretical issues influencing development of GIS; (2) the collection, analysis, modelling, interpretation and display of spatial data within GIS; (3) the connections between GIS and related technologies; and (4) new GIS applications.  

Remote Sensing of Environment

  • Publishes results on the theory, science, applications, and technology of remote sensing studies. Interdisciplinary.

Progress in Physical Geography

  • This peer-reviewed, international journal covers the latest developments and debates within Physical Geography and related fields. 

Parts of a research article

[ research graphic ]

Credit: Acupuncture Council of Ireland‚Äč

Original, primary research article sections:

  • Title & Author Information:  briefly summarizes the subject or purpose of the article & documents the author's credentials in the field of study
  • Abstract:  summarizes the research study and results of the study
  • Introduction:  states the hypothesis or purpose of the research
  • Review of Literature:  summarizes previous research that relates significantly to the research study/hypothesis. 
  • Methodology:  describes what kind(s) of research methods were used and how the study was constructed/implemented
  • Findings/Results:  collates and summarizes the data collected and calculates totals or trends, statistically significant findings, etc.
  • Conclusions/Discussion:  discusses applications or implications of the findings/results
  • Further Study:  suggests areas where more complete data or findings are needed and related areas for future research
  • Works Cited/References:   lists the sources cited by the author(s) of the article

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