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Global Marketing Management (55-636)

Develop a Global Marketing Plan for an actual MNC that may be based in any country to launch a product for a specific customer segment or segments in a foreign country (non-U.S. country).

SWOT Analysis

To access Company specific information in MarketLine there are two ways:

1. Enter the name of the company in the Search Box. 

hen scroll until you find the Companies subtitle and choose your company from the list.

2. From the options across the top choose Companies. After the Companies page appears, start typing the name of your company in the search box on the left. It may predictively show your company and you can then click it from there. You will still need to click enter or the magnifying glass even after you click the suggested title of your company. If it doesn't appear finish typing your choice and then hit enter or the magnifying glass to see options. *You may need to verify the correct company name and spelling using Google or another search.

Once your company information loads there are several optoins you can choose to see more information. One of these options along the left is the SWOT analysis.

Search in Business Source using the name of the company and the word SWOT

*Choosing Full Text and limiting your Date Range will help filter to more relevant results.

Click the Access now (PDF) to view the file.

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