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Global Marketing Management (55-636)

Develop a Global Marketing Plan for an actual MNC that may be based in any country to launch a product for a specific customer segment or segments in a foreign country (non-U.S. country).

Geographical information

Choose Geographies

  • Select a region by
    • Clicking options along the top
    • Clicking an area on the map that has a dot

  • Narrow Region to Country by clicking on the Geography filter on the left and then clicking the triangle by the region to see countries.

  • Refine results to an Industry sector
    • Choosing a Sector
    • Choose geography and click the arrow to narrow from region to a specific country or countries.

  • Click Content type to narrow types of Analyses
    • Under Analysis type choose from several options including (scroll to see all options):
      • Country Chartbooks
      • City Chartbooks
      • Country & Risk Report
      • Country Profile


1. Enter the name of your Country in the first search box.

2. Enter the word "report" in the second box and click search. 

3. On the left under Refine Results scroll down and adjust:

  • Publication Date range
  • Under "Source Type" click Country Reports


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