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Mobile Computing (44643-01/44443-01)

Research Topic Sample

Related Research Topics samples for the course

Here are some research topics for the course, you can pick one and start research but you can also come up one by yourself. 

 Security and privacy issues in Mobile edge computing
 Digital Health Passports using Blockchain technology
 Brain-Computer Interfaces
 Smart surfaces
 Haptic and Tactile communications
 Next generation mobile networks (5G, 6G and beyond)
 Security and privacy issues in IoT devices
 Mobile Software Engineering
 Quantum Computing and Communication
 Big data analytic frameworks in mobile Apps
 Mobile Edge Computing applications. You may choose any of the domain
     o Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)
     o Health care
     o Agriculture
     o M-commerce
     o Smart homes
     o Smart cities
 Mobile cloud services
 Databases for mobile computing

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