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Mobile Computing (44643-01/44443-01)

How to find BibTeX citation on databases

Find BibTeX on ACM Digital Library Database

Step one: Click the Export Citation



Step Two: Select BibTeX Style on the box and copy the citation result. 


Step Three: Paste the result to the Overleaf. (Instructions of using Overleaf for writing Research paper)



Find BibTeX on Google Scholar 

Step One: Click "Cite" on the article result.



Step Two: Select the BibTeX on the left bottom of the cite box. 


Step Three: Copy the result from the new site. 

Step Four: Paste the result to the Overleaf. (Instructions of using Overleaf for writing Research paper)


NOTE: To standardize citations, all DOIs need to be proceeded by before the DOI number


(For more information, see p. 332 of the 7th edition or Conference Proceedings References)

     [ APA conference proceedings ]


     Parenthetical citation: (Dabney et al., 2013).

     Narrative citation: Dabney et al. (2013)

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