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Mobile Computing (44643-01/44443-01)

How to select Peer review articles on ACM Digital Library Database and Google Scholar

All Proceedings articles on ACM Digital library can be select for this courses! 

1. Select "Proceedings" under Publication on Left site filters. 


2. All the articles under this filter are good for your paper. 



For Google scholar peer-review article, you have to check the journal of the article is peer-review or not. Please check the section "How do I know if an article has been peer-reviewed?" on the bottom of this page. 


How to located the journal name on databases

Journal information on ACM Digital library article

(Detail on the picture)

Journal information on the Google scholar articles

1. Click Cite. (Mark with yellow)


2. The yellow mark is the journal name for the article. 

How do I know if an article has been peer-reviewed?






Peer-review visualized

[ peer review process graphic ]

Text information from The University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, and the Regents of the University of California

Peer review practice

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