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Comp I: Academic Literacies (10-111):Concise

What's in this guide?


  • journal, magazine, and newspaper articles


  • print and online whole books, chapters, edited, and multivolume

Web pages

  • entire websites, single web pages, and no author or date

 Images and Media

  • social media, images, music, and video


  • cases, laws, and government documents


  • email, interview, survey, class material, and letter


  • parenthetical referencing examples within the text
  • citing author names within the text


  • formatting of author variations (one or more, no named author, multiple sources by the same author) within the Works Cited

Ask a Librarian

  • ask for research or citing help at the Library Services Desk or by chat/text messaging, email, or phone

MLA style manual

Additional resources

Practice template in the 9th edition

[ MLA Core Elements ]


Formatting citations in:

Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Apple Pages


The formatting and citation examples in this guide are based upon rules and examples in the MLA Handbook, 9th edition by The Modern Language Association of America. If you would like additions or would like to report a correction to this guide, please contact Abha Niraula.

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