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Theories of Mass Communication (20-320)

How do I tell what type of article it is?

Usually, the abstract or methodology section of an article lets you know what type of study it is. A linked article for each type of methodology is available here

Do I need to write about every research question or hypothesis?

Some articles are research several questions or hypotheses. Choose one or two of them to cover, since it is only a 3-4 page paper. 

Do each of my articles need to be about the same topic?

No. You can choose a different topic for your second article, as long as it relates to the assignment.

How do I know if an article is reliable?

Analyze the method section of the article to see if you think the study could be replicated by a different researcher. 

How do I know if an article has validity?

Do you think the results measure what they were intended to measure? Look in the section labeled findings, data, results, or discussion.

How should I organize my paper?

For each article, start with the reference citation for the article. 

Then answer the bulleted questions in the order stated in your assignment: 

  • Identify the research design & procedure [ including sampling ]
  • Identify the hypothesis or research question(s) addressed
  • Explain the study's reliability & validity
  • Lastly, comment on what you believe to be the strengths and/or weaknesses of the research, and suggest areas for new research in this area.

Do I need to include in-text citations?

Yes, use in-text citations in addition to reference citations.

What should my reference citation look like?

Mixed-method Articles

Mixed-method articles can be used. Be sure you are clear about which method you are focusing on in the article in order to distinguish it from the other article you use which is a different methodology. Also, be sure the article does not constitute a case study. 

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