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Theories of Mass Communication (20-320)

Paper 2

Part I: identify how your 2 politically divergent media sources use Cantrill's propaganda techniques:

  1. Bandwagon 
  2. Card Stacking  
  3. Plain Folks 
  4. Testimonial
  5. Glittering Generalities 
  6. Name Calling 
  7. Transfer 

Some classic examples from the past: 

[ historical descriptions ]

Part II: 
Review a number of journal articles published 2017-2022 that address the effect social media has on user's media biases.

Keywords: social media bias, confirmation bias, user-generated content, hostile media bias, populis*, white nationalism, polarization, preexisting views, labeling

Subjects (tags):

mass media influence

social media

online social networks

attitude (Psychology)

objectivity in journalism

truthfulness & falsehood

social influence

credibility of the press

hostile media perception

political communication

Paper 3

Non-exclusive topic suggestions: 

sex discrimination and mass media

mass shootings and reporting

mass media influence

(misinformation or disinformation or fake news)

media consumption

mass media and public opinion

effective advertising

mergers and media

mass media industry

online social networks

online journalism

stereotypes in mass media

journalism research

mass media and audience research

mass media and race relations

objectivity in journalism

mass media and politics

and many more…

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