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Citation FAQ

Frequently asked questions about APA, CSE, MLA, and Turabian citation styles

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APA formatting

What do I call the page(s) with all of my resources listed in alphabetical order?


Should my citations be single or double spaced?


Do I capitalize the first letter of all of the words in the title in my citation?
No, only the first letter of the first word in the title should be capitalized, and after that only proper nouns within the title should be capitalized.

What font should I use?
According to the 7th edition, several fonts are acceptable. These include:

  • sans serif fonts such as  Calibri (11 pt), Arial (11 pt), or Lucida Sans Unicode (10 pt)
  • serif fonts such as Times New Roman (12 pt ), Georgia (11 pt)

Should my URLs and/or DOIs be hyperlinked in my references list?
It is acceptable for URLs and DOIs to be hyperlinked (blue and underlined) or shown in plain-text form (black text, no underline), but the same format should be used for all citations.

  • All URLs and DOIs should be presented as hyperlinks (beginning with http:// or https://)

How do I format names with particles like de, le, von, etc. in my references?

Retain author's original capitalization and alphabetize by particle.

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