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Citation FAQ

Frequently asked questions about APA, CSE, MLA, and Turabian citation styles

CSE Formatting

What do I call the page(s) with all of my resources listed in alphabetical order?


Should my citations be single or double spaced?

Single spaced with double space in between each citation

Do I capitalize the first letter of all of the words in the title in my citation?
No, only the first letter of the first word in the title should be capitalized, and after that only proper nouns within the title should be capitalized. The first letter of first part of species names should be capitalized.

When do I italicize something?
The only words that should be italicized are the scientific names of species.

What font should I use?
CSE doesn't require a specific font, although something like Times New Roman is a standard font used in academic writing.

Should my URLs and/or DOIs be hyperlinked in my references list?
No - remove hyperlinks from reference citation.

  • If accessing a PDF version of an article, it can be cited as a print journal article
  • DOIs should not include http:// or https://

How do I format names with particles like de, le, von, etc. in my references?

Treat particles as part of the surname and retain author's original capitalization

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