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AI Classifiers

What is a classifier?

Simply put, an AI (artificial intelligence) classifier sorts data into one or more labeled "classes" (or categories). These classifiers can be a useful tool when trying to determine if content is written by a human, or produced by AI (like ChatGPT).

How accurate are classifiers at detecting AI-produced content?

While classifiers are a useful tool for detecting AI-produced content, none are foolproof. All classifiers produce false-positives (AI-generated) and false-negatives (human created). They are not intended, at this time, to provide definitive proof that content is AI-generated. Rather, they should be used as a tool to guide assessment.

For more information, OpenAI has created extensive documentation which can be viewed here.


Recommended classifiers

*AI text classifiers previously created by Open AI and its predecessor (Open AI text classifier and GLTR) are no longer supported due to low performance rates*

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