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Teaching Resources: Academic integrity

Request library instruction, a source for the library, or InterLibrary Loan. Find the best online tool for meeting learning objectives. Encourage academic integrity, copyright compliance & plagiarism prevention. Locate where to publish & find journal acce

Academic Integrity Tutorials

Prevention strategies

in-class reflection essays about assignment
personal insights about the subject included in paper/project
require student search path information, i.e., how they found the information
require a variety of types of sources
student studio groups/threaded discussions of papers/projects
checkpoints/due dates for showcasing progress

Safe Practices for students (from Purdue OWL)

Copyright Resources

Frequently asked questions (University of Houston)

Copyright information

  • Background resources and answers to compliance questions

Educational fair use

  • Video about Fair Use
  • Questionnaire for determining educational fair use

Getting permission

  • Getting permission for using materials in faculty research or student use
  • Sample copyright permission request letter 

Creative Commons explained

"Copyright and Creative Commons can be a confusing topic. Last month [Beth Holland and I hosted a free webinar in which we shared our best advice on helping students and colleagues navigate the confusing issues of copyright and Creative Commons.

In Copyright for Teachers Beth Holland and I cover why teachers should care about copyright, common misconceptions about Fair Use, and how to find copyright-friendly media. During the webinar we also we shared some stories from our classrooms, fielded some questions... and shed some light on common misconceptions about copyright and Creative Commons.

Copyright for Teachers can be viewed in its entirety for free on my YouTube channel. The slides used in the webinar can be viewed here." 

Byrne, R. (2017, November 19). “Understanding copyright for classrooms.” Message to [Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week subscription list].

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