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Turabian Style Citation Examples: Other

Find how to cite a web page, journal, book, eBook, textbook, magazine, newspaper, video, DVD, TV show, Twitter, or Instagram. Find how to format in-text/parenthetical citations, foot/endnotes, and how to cite when no author or date.



Notes format

     1. Organization, "Article Title", Publication Title volume number, issue no. (date): page number, URL/DOI.
     2. Organization, "Article Title", page number.


     1. World Health Organization, "Striving to Provide Universal Health Coverage in Kazakhstan," Bulletin of the World Health Organization 97, no. 4 (April, 2019): 250,
     2. World Health Organization, "Striving to Provide Universal Health," 251.

  • Alphabetize a source with no named author in the bibliography by the title of the source
  • Use the first word after an article like  "a" or "the"
  • If published by an organization (like the World Health Organization), the organization should be listed as the author



Firefly Guide to Fossils. Richmond Hills, Ontario: Firefly Books, 2003.


     Firefly Guide to Fossils, (Richmond Hills, Ontario: Firefly Books, 2003), 56.



"Peruvian Tai Chi Master Spreads Martial Arts in Latin America." China Daily. Accessed May 23, 2016.


     "Peruvian Tai Chi Master Spreads Martial Arts in Latin America," China Daily, accessed May 23, 2016, /world/2016-11/23/content_27470937.htm.


(Section 17.6.1, p. 197, 9th edition)



     1. Hal Hunter, "Hal Hunter Oral History Interview," interviewed by Will Sarvis, Politics in Missouri Oral History Project, Records, 1996-, October 27, 1998,

     2. "Hal Hunter Oral History Interview."





Instructor Last name, First name. "Title/Subject of lecture." Class Lecture, Course Name, University/College Name, Location, Month
          Day, Year.



      1. Instructor First name Last name, "Title/Subject of lecture" (class lecture, Course Name, University/college Name, Location, Month Day, Year).


Shortened Notes

(Section 16.4.1, pages 164-166, 9th edition)

Shortened notes should be used for all notes following the initial, full note.

The 9th edition of A Manual for Writers lists two options for shortened notes - author-only and author-title notes. Depending on instructor preference and/or discipline, author-title only, or use of both styles of shortened notes may be used and considered correct. Writers using both styles commonly use author-only for the majority of shortened citation, except in instances when multiple works by the same author (or multiple authors with the same last name) are used, in which case author-title is used. Page numbers a required for all styles of notes (shortened and full) when available, and instructors should always be consulted for individual preferences.



      Full (first) note:

     1. Alexander B. Murphy, Geography: Why it Matters (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2018), 78.

     Following (subsequent) shortened note:

     2. Murphy, Geography, 82.


     2. Murphy, 82.


     Full (first) note

     1. World Health Organization, "Striving to Provide Universal Health Coverage in Kazakhstan," Bulletin of the World Health Organization 97, no. 4 (April, 2019): 250,

     Following (subsequent) shortened note:

     2. World Health Organization, "Striving to Provide Universal Health Coverage," 251.


     2. World Health Organization, 251.


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