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Scientific Style (CSE) Citation Examples

Find how to cite articles, books (+ chapters, textbooks, lab manuals) magazines/newspapers, videos, conference papers, web pages, in text parentheticals, & author names. Single-space citations with a hanging indent (ctrl+t). Double-space between entries.

Scientific Style and Format (CSE), 8th edition

The following examples illustrate the CSE name–year system. In-text references consist of the author(s) surname and the year of publication. End references are unnumbered and listed in alphabetical order.

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CSE Style NAME-YEAR system examples

  • journals and newspapers
  • forthcoming material
  • chapters in book
  • multivolume work as a whole
  • dissertations and theses
  • patents
  • personal communication
  • websites

Scientific report writing guidelines, Writing Center, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Citation FAQs (CSE Style)


The formatting and citation examples in this guide are based upon rules and examples in the Scientific Style and Format, 8th edition by the Council of Science Editors. If you would like additions or would like to report a correction to this guide, please contact Carolyn Johnson

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