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Scientific Style (CSE) Citation Examples

Find how to cite articles, books (+ chapters, textbooks, lab manuals) magazines/newspapers, videos, conference papers, web pages, in text parentheticals, & author names. Single-space citations with a hanging indent (ctrl+t). Double-space between entries.

Sample end references page

Basic format

  • Begin end references on a new page
  • Label and center the page name: References
  • Citations: highlight entire citation and press Ctrl/t to indent the 2nd and following lines
  • Double space between single-spaced citations
  • Order: alphabetical by last name of personal or group author.
    • Authors: List authors in the order in which they appear in the original text. Don't include author's title, e.g., Dr., Ph.D. Multiple works by the same author listed in chronological order.
    • No author: List citation by title, then date. Ignore "a", "an", and "the" at the beginning of a title when alphabetizing
    • Group authors: When organizations serve as authors, drop "The" in an organizational name for the purposes of alphabetizing, as "American Chemical Society" not "The American Chemical Society".
    • No date: use [date unknown]
    • Abbreviate months to the first 3 letters of the English name for the month, without a period. (p. 586, CSE Manual) 
    • Citations that begin with a number: Write out the number for alphabetizing the references list.
    • Particles in author names, e.g., de, le, von, van de
      • CSE - treat particles as part of the surname and retain author's original capitalization, e.g., de la Salle KL, van de Kamp J.
        Alphabetize by the particle.

Citing FAQs

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