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This resource helps you to navigate B.D. Owens library's resources and enhance your research process. Contact a librarian for additional research and citing help.

Is it a scholarly journal article?

Peer-reviewed publications (sometimes referred to as scholarlyacademic, or refereed) have gone through a review process by experts in the field before being published. These strategies can help you determine if an article is peer-reviewed.   


1. If you found the article in a library database, there may be some indicators of whether the article is scholarly.
Most publications in "Academic Journals" have been peer reviewed. 

[ determining if an article is scholarly or peer-reviewed ]

Note, however, that some articles in peer-reviewed journals may not actually be peer-reviewed: editorials, news items, and book reviews do not necessarily go through the same review process. A peer-reviewed article should be longer than just a couple of pages and should include a bibliography. For example, the second listing above is a one-page editorial. 


2. In many library databases, the article title takes you to a linked journal name. Click it to determine whether the journal is scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed, or refereed.

[ linked journal name description says it is peer-reviewed ]


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